Friday, May 30, 2014


In a previous post, I mentioned how Miyamoto Musashi understood the importance of studying master artists and craftsman across a wide array of pursuits in his pursuit of the perfection of his craft. There is something magical about watching a person who appears to have total mastery over their art/craft. The simplicity of their actions and spontaneity of the creation is both envious and intoxicating. Watching a master potter, like Suzuki Goro, either in person or on video (well dvd) is mesmerizing and seeing a chawan or mizusashi spring out of a lump of clay in an instant is  nothing short of an accomplished magic trick. The image grab from a dvd on Suzuki Goro shows him at the end of throwing a chawan, which may have taken a minute or so, sprung to life out of a lump of wonderful mokusa clay. It may well sound na├»ve or childish, but there is true wonderment when witnessing a master at work, irrespective of the art, craft or field.
Juan Hermosillo at work and at home;

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