Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Illustrated is a rather elegant, even classic Korean inspired form made of rugged porcelain with vivid, even wild sometsuke blue underglaze bringing the pot to life. The decoration of the wild, snarling tiger is by eccentric, renaissance artist, Sato Katsuhiko and in this case, his has rendered one of his rich two-dimensional paintings on to a stark, three-dimensional form, a skill he is quite adept at. Katsuhiko is truly a renaissance artist, working across every conceivable medium and creating bold and at times, confrontational images in a wide array of material. In this particular case, the pot was thrown by a potter, not Sato and then decorated in cobalt sometsuke style at which he was exceptional gifted. If you look closely, at the neck of the pot, nestled between the tiger's ears, Sato has painted one of his trademark Jizo for which he is well known for. One can not help but be engaged by the pot and image, its humor infectious and its energy palpable, the artist's real talent may be his unique ability to connect with the viewer in a wide array of emotions, pushing the button of those his works come in contact with.

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  1. I am really enjoying this new education - reading and cross-referencing avidly! Many thanks for your writing.