Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Illustrated is a wonderful Iga mizusashi that definitely looks like it comes right out of the past. Part Momoyama and part modern art, this pot was made by Sugimoto Sadamitsu (b. 1935) and was both carefully crafted and skillfully fired by a master of his art. Made by the coil method, the casual construction is read on the vivid surface as the "seams" of each coil add greatly to the landscape of the piece, the Iga firing then blanketing the pot in a cloak of glass from the melted ash flowing down toward the foot. The pot is finished in a rich ri-iro black lacquers lid with wonderful texture creating a visually delightful conclusion to a classic and even nostalgic mizusashi.
Sugimoto Sadamitsu is a master of not only the Iga tradition but  Raku-yaki as well. Many of his works are infused with a sense of traditional classicism yet through his method of construction, his interpretation of form and his firing methods, his pottery is unique and modern fitting well into the 400 year history of chanoyu and chadogu. Through his intense study of the original Koetsu and Chojiro styles as well as Ko-Iga, Sugimoto's works are chadogu in the truest sense of the word and it is for this specific function the he creates his chawan, mizusashi, hanaire, etc. Like many great chadogu makers before him, it is through use that his works find completion and it is for this reason that his pottery is so highly prized by chajin and collector alike.

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