Friday, August 15, 2014


I mentioned having studied with John Gill and it made me realize that I had a nice group of photos from my time at Kent State. In 1993 I had an arts scholarship to work/study at Kent State which was in a roundabout way how I was accepted there for the master's program in ceramics. While there besides (the late) Kirk Mangus the other artist present were Eva Kwong, Marie Woo and John Gill. Up to this point I was a devoted and unwavering thrower, but watching Gill fluff, fold, cajole and coerce sheets of clay into fantastical and innovative form was enough to create a chink in the armor. John has a unique approach to clay and how to work it which was a continuous exploration of texture and form. Having taught at Alfred University since the late 1980s he has had ample opportunity to pass on his enthusiasm for creation to a large number of potters. Illustrated is a group of his ewers recently finished and drying waiting for a bisque and a glaze bath.
I came across this artist statement by John Gill and thought it said far more about his work than most people could say; "In my work I try to utilize simple techniques. This allows for a freedom of ideas and process. Shape, form, use and color inform and question other possibilities. My work uses shape and form to inflate color. Working within the realm of function expands the potential. History of ceramics, painting and sculpture collide. Clay has a simple directness - it prints beautifully."  John Gill

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