Friday, August 29, 2014


Realizing the movie feature on my camera is not of very good quality and the turntable I have been using is limited to under 2 pounds and is shakey at best, I decided to start making more slideshows to show off the features, surface, form, etc. of pots for the time being. I have been trying my hand at the videos and these slideshows to help you a fuller accounting of the pots I am discussing and that interest me, for some, this is the closest you can get to the pot and hopefully this will add to the conversation. Closest at hand was an Oni-Shino style mizusashi by Kajiura Soshu, so it was my first attempt using a new slideshow program. I am also attaching the link to the description of the mizusashi from my blog and the page where it is available on my Trocadero market place.  More slideshows to come.

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