Wednesday, September 3, 2014


As I have mentioned before, as a pot comes through my hands, I try to take as many meaningful pictures of it as possible. This documents the piece and allows me to capture nuances and details that over time I may forget about. Having all of these pictures and a new slideshow program allows me to share pots in a different way than a single photograph providing a better perspective of the piece. Hopefully in this case, the slideshow will help capture the strength and power of the pot and give a hint of what it looks like in hand.

After searching around Youtube where I host these slideshows, I was rather surprised that there was not a single piece up by Tsukigata Nahiko and thought it high time to remedy that omission. This Oni-Shino chawan was a piece that came through here a while back and was a good representative piece by Tsukigata with a wide array of features, a strong kodai and very nice teapool, mikomi. I am particularly fond of the bright green accents here and there on the outside face of the chawan along with the rich pattern created where the chawan stood on wads as the bowl was woodfired in an anagama. There is a lot to see in the pot and the conversation one could have is a bit more fleshed out by presenting the bowl in a more kinetic fashion.

The original blog post for a similar Tsukigata chawan can be seen by clicking on this link;

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