Monday, April 28, 2014


I am still in the process of playing with the Oribe glaze I am calling Shin-Oribe. It is a very forgiving glaze and takes meddling with it quite well. Currently I am using a thin iron and ash glaze over it to give it a greater depth of color and activity which in turn leads to a significant amount of the outer glaze running. Illustrated is a recent paddled water jar with the Shin-Oribe and iron-ash glaze over. The paddled texture together with the running surface gives the pot a much more animated surface and in the end, leads to a more interesting pot. My next time out, I plan to add a handful of ash to the Oribe glaze itself and see where that takes it and as with many things it is the journey of the testing and serendipity that is the greatest reward.
You can see a few more pictures of this Oribe water jar over on my Trocadero marketplace;
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