Monday, May 5, 2014



Illustrated is a detail shot of the shoulder and mouth of a soft blue ash Tokoname tsubo by Takeuchi Kimiaki. Thrown out of a rich Tokoname clay and then glazed in a blue toned ash glaze, this pot was then wood fired at some point mid-way in the kiln with just hints of natural fallen ash and charcoal effects dusting the pot. I thought this was an excellent juxtaposition to the ash glazed plate that I posted up a week ago and shows the rich and creative diversity Takeuchi Kimiaki was well known for. It is for works exactly such as this one that Takeuchi Kimiaki was able to take up the mantle of Tokoname pottery that his master, Ezaki Issei had laid the ground work for and added new, multi-dimensional and evocative contributions to a tradition born a thousand years earlier.