Friday, January 16, 2015


Using a bunch of photos I had taken a while back, I put together a short slideshow of the opaque ash celadon vase made by Bill Klock that was previously posted on my blog. I thought the slideshow would give a fuller understanding of the pot and possible make it a bit clearer why I am fond of it. I have always admired the innate and casual approach Bill has in making pots and I think it shows well in his pottery and in this slideshow. This particular pot has a subtle sense of gesture and animation that is missed in a simple, singular image. What also shows up in the slideshow is Bill's ability to stop when the pot is finished and fore go any fussiness or over manipulating the piece, sadly a talent I do not come by naturally and must work on each and every day in the studio. This pot stands on our mantle next to other pots they were gifts or traded for from other potters, all which stand as a constant reminder of the varying skill sets individual potters bring to their pottery.
The original post for this vase can be found here;

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