Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Illustrated is a simple slipware teapot that I just converted from slides to digital images. This was one of my first attempts at making kohiki slip ware and I am sure it would have turned out much better had it been wood fired. This piece was first dipped in a kohiki style slip and then glazed in a clear glaze that was based on wood and nuka ash. It has a rather pleasing surface that shows all the throwing marks as well as any marks left in the slip from fingermarks to drips and the clear glaze has a citrus peel texture reminiscent of some Shino glazes. In later pots I added black overglaze as well as cobalt brushwork to help animate the surface but this pot seemed fine, just the way it is. I have yet to woodfire any of these pots but look forward to the opportunity one of these days, maybe Jim can help me out.

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