Monday, April 27, 2015


I was digging through images at the request of a client and came across this photo of a bowl I made some time back. The  saffron neriage teabowl was originally photographed using either a white or black background with a tungsten light source with a tungsten correcting "filter" in the digital camera and once I shut off the lights, the sun was beginning to set and was streaming into the room, just enough to highlight the bowl and shed an alternative perspective as to how the piece looks in various conditions. Though it will be somewhat redundant for me to say so, it never ceases to amaze me how a pot can look so different depending on the source or light or the placement of the piece. I remember being at a fellow collectors home and seeing a modest Tsujimura Shiro Iga pot on a bookshelf and then he pulled it down and placed it in the middle of a small Chinese style table and it was an entirely different  piece with a greater sense of commanding the space. I am not saying the various lighting makes my pots any better, but with this type of atmosphere, it certainly doesn't hurt any.

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