Monday, May 4, 2015

志野 風景

Illustrated is a Shino chawan with a rather adventurous appearance and quite the story to tell. At first glance the surface almost has a marbled look to it but after further study it is a rich interplay between layers of the feldspathic Shino glaze over a bold red iron slipped surface. The surface paints a landscape that calls to mind tall snow covered mountains or even glaciers melting their way to the foot of the bowl. The iron ring around the mouth frames in the landscape and creates a certain amount of tension between the top and bottom of the Momoyama influenced chawan calling to mind a bold keshiki and an even more dynamic adventure. Ever good chawan should evoke some memory of a time or place in one's life, tell a story (or two) or at the very least create a new experience that the viewer is not likely soon to forget. I think this powerful Aka-Shino chawan by Tamaoki Yasuo does just that and then some.

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