Friday, May 15, 2015


Sometimes when I am in the studio, having a large cup of coffee saves me from going back up to the kitchen coffeepot for more java. Over the years of this practice, people who have visited the studio, especially those in Cleveland were always curious; "can you make me one of those?", thus began the making of large mugs. The illustrated plum blossom mug is a pretty good size, yet fits well in the hand. Made of terra cotta with black, white and coral red slips it holds exactly 24 ounces with room to spare for cream and yes, lots of sugar. Is it possible it is too large for a mug being larger than a Starbuck's venti, possibly, but not if you ask the right coffee aficionados.
My two favorite coffee quips;
"Coffee, if your not shaking you need another cup"
"Drink coffee, do stupid things way faster and with lots more energy."