Friday, June 19, 2015


There is that old expression that some things just aren't black or white, well in this case, that is exactly what it is. I just received this black and white hana-hanaire by Kondo Yutaka from the same source that sent me the last one I had to offer and looking at this classic and traditional form, there is nothing more elemental than this simply executed black and white surface. This vase has less decoration than the last one but the flowing inlay is masterful articulating the form like it is in perpetual motion and the surface has a wonderful luster to the rich black as well. Though it doesn't show in this photo, the foot is great, cut crisp and perfectly, it finishes off the piece and reminds us, a poor foot ruins a good piece but a good foot and a good pot go hand in hand.
And just because it is Friday, Donald Fagan; TOMORROW'S GIRLS

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