Friday, July 24, 2015


I unloaded a bisque yesterday morning and was grateful to see there were no surprises which is always a relief. I got the pots clean and separated for their various glaze combinations and collected up the teabowls and tokkuri/ bottles and gave them all their first glazes right away and finished them up this morning before having to run various errands this afternoon. I am primarily using my temmoku, saffron, iron red, clear and Oribe glazes with a few pieces in ame-yu and Ao; all the glazes were made last week so that is one less thing I need to think about as I get glazing. On Monday and Tuesday I will glaze the bulk of the pieces, the larger pieces like this paddled mizusashi form that owes a bit of its influence to a Tsujimura Shiro Iga mizusashi I recently handled though what ever plans I had in mind quickly go out the window once the paddle hits the clay and the forms are beaten up a bit. At the moment the plan is to glaze this piece in one of my Oribe(s) with some iron additions to the surface, the firing will likely happen next Wednesday so if things go well, I'll post a picture or two next Friday. As with all glaze firings, fingers and toes are crossed and small kiln gods are made, not much more I can do but load the kiln and get it fired.
".....chance favors the prepared mind." Louis Pasteur (or was it Travis Dane?)

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