Friday, July 3, 2015


Looking like a six petaled blossom, this wonderfully thrown and altered pot bridges the past with the present as only a master is capable. Glazed in a rich Shino, the viscous glaze cracks along the indents that creates the lobes of the pot while adept handling allows fiery glimpses of the red iron to come to the surface adding not only depth but movement and even passion to the piece. Having learned the fundamentals of his craft by Kato Kobei V, Tamaoki Yasuo labored to marry past and present with his own unique voice that can be seen in this mizusashi. Though the pot appears to have a casual quality to it, that masks the studied and careful execution of a Shino master at work where various qualities are created through years of practice, repetition and dedication to a traditional pursuit. Kuroda Ryoji labeled Tamaoki Yasuo as one of the five great hopes of Mino and when I see work of this caliber, it is obvious how right he was.,

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