Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Illustrated is a before and after shot of a teabowl with thick combed slip under an Ao glaze I am working with. I have tweaked the Ao yet again and am trying to get it just a little bit richer by blending cobalt and iron and would like to see it with a slightly deeper quality coming out of the next stoneware firing. I was just starting to get things going for another high-fire cycle last week when a gallery called letting me know they were down to only a couple of pieces so I am currently working in terra cotta and making some tebori and b&w slip pots. The next test for the Ao will have to wait a bit but this teabowl, out of the last firing shows where I am at with the glaze. It has a lot of color variation, most notable hues of greens and blues with some small texture running throughout the glaze for good measure. The glaze respond well to the textures created by the slip and I am looking forward to it possibly creating an even richer quality as it dips in to the recesses of the combing. I'll keep you posted, same pottery time, same pottery channel, more or less.

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