Friday, October 16, 2015


Illustrated is a pot that I posted up on my blog back on 9/25, at first glance it is a bit difficult to figure out the actual size of this rather exceptional Oni-Shino tsubo by Tsukigata Nahiko and from my perspective that is a quality of a good form; large or small, the form just works. In reality the tsubo or more correctly O-tsubo measures over 17" tall and is a classic exhibition piece by a true master of this idiom. The face of the pot has a great cascading section of ash like tamadare that is framed by areas of milky and icy white Shino coated in a layer of bidoro green ash adding to the beauty of the pot. Though a rather simple form, the tsubo is none the less both dramatic and complex with a surface worthy of the term, Oni-Shino.

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