Monday, December 21, 2015


I recently fired  a glaze kiln and everything seemed to have gone well until the final inspection. One larger Oribe combed slip jar had an issue, near the knob on the lid what appeared to be a small amount of metal boiled out of the clay leaving something of an odd crater. I spent a lot of time looking at the lid under a magnifier and suspect it was a small piece of metal banding strap that melted out of the piece and for anyone keeping track, this is the second such incidence. After thinking about what to do next, I was rather reluctant to just break the piece and instead I used a dremel and ground out the area and then filled it will a pewter infused lacquer to fill the void. While I admit I would have preferred this not to happen, I think the repair adds a little something to the pot and quick frankly I thought the pot came out rather nice and just didn't have the heart to just take a hammer to the pot. I am not one to let damaged or cracked pots out there but I think in this instance, I would give it a pass.