Monday, December 28, 2015


Last week I posted up a detail shot of a lid that I repaired with pewter lacquer and thought to post up a picture of the overall view of the pot. Though not particularly large, I thought the pot had come out rather nice with a thick slip combed texture under one of my Oribe style glazes in which the exposed clay through the slip and depth of the recesses makes for a wide array of glaze effects and color variations. Though I have broken my fair share of pots over the years and have grown somewhat callous to the process, I just didn't want to break this piece and decided that the slight repair was more than enough to save the pot from the shard pile. I should also say that had the lid or body of the pot cracked due to my throwing or drying I would have broke it without a second thought but having foreign matter in the clay is just a variable I have zero control over and in my mind the mitigating circumstance.

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