Friday, December 18, 2015


There are a large number of pots, both Eastern and Western that make me think of the Rosanjin concept that a pot is complete when it is being used. There is beauty in use as can be seen in this photo from a catalogue on the late Bizen Ningen Kokuho, Fujiwara Yu (1932-2001) as the magnificent color of the rectangular tray is made all the richer with the red crab and green garnish. The light coating of ash highlights the edges and corner while the potent fire color has painted the tray for with captivating tones of  reddish-orange and purples spotted with drops of charcoal grey and even blues. I can imagine this is a striking piece without the window dressing but it is in its use that this tray really comes to life and fufills the purpose and aesthetic that it was created for. As Yanagi put it, beauty born of use but in this case it is the beauty in use that tells the fullest story.