Friday, February 12, 2016


Illustrated is a rather playful yet bold Oribe platter with a pronounced array of texture and glaze variations. The vivid green Oribe is characterized by having bright accents where there are high points and a dense pool in the center of the piece with rich blue-green tones floating on the surface where the saturation of copper has become the greatest. Made by Yamaguchi Yoshinari, he was born in  Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture and after attending Kanazawa Seiryo University established his own studio and anagama in 1999. Immersing himself in the creation of chadogu, tea ware, Yamaguchi has won a number of awards for his dedicated pursuit and he divides time between making Oribe and Shigaraki pottery. Though a great deal of his output is based on traditional forms and archetypes for tea ceremony, this Oribe swirl platter has a practiced blend of whimsy and modernism that much of even the historical Oribe pottery is admired for. I am constantly amazed that green (Oribe) has such a wide array of uses and rarely disappointed when it is handled with purpose.
You can see more photos of this pot over at my Trocadero marketplace if you are inclined;

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