Monday, March 14, 2016


While I was rustling around through a bin filled with teabowls I came across this little cap jar where the basis for the piece was the story of Scherherazade reclining in front of several large Persian pots. I made this little covered pot for a 2" x 2" show back in the early 1990's where the only restrictions were that the piece be made entirely of ceramics and not exceed two inches in any dimension. Using underglazes and sgraffito I covered the pot in the design and incised a small narrative around the base, this was my first attempt at working so small and quite honestly among my last. I didn't think it came out that bad given the scale of the pot and its demands for decorating so small a surface. Looking back on it nearly 20+ (?) years later I wish every first time effort came out this well though I doubt I will ever be that lucky again.
"Wishers were ever fools." William Shakespeare

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