Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Though these were not intended to go together and were not fired in the same firing, I am rather pleased at how well they go together in terms of surface and decoration. In a short time I have already come to a particular way of working for this style and the fact that pots made two months apart can work well together gives me the sign that the technique and glazing has hit its stride and I am at least pointed in the right direction. There have been techniques and glazes over the years that took a rather long time to work things out and be able to create a cohesive body of work, certainly my old copper red glaze springs to mind. Hitting on forms and surface treatments for the copper red was a slow process partially due to the fact that I had to fill an 60cft kiln with just one glaze and fire it in a rather specific manner. This particular Oribe has been easier to fine tune though I doubt I can leave well enough alone; it is always something with glazes, a new summit appears with each and every glaze firing.

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