Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Illustrated is a robust, classical Bizen tsubo on a broad pedestal style foot by Masamune Satoru (1954-2006). I have written a bit about Masamune in previous posts, his work has a tremendous sense of traditional Bizen styling and firing and I am especially interested in how he handles clay without pretense or any sense of fussiness. This medium sized tsubo has a wonderful and compelling sense of form and volume from the delicate and sexy mouth to the tautness about the belly and the surety of the wide and purposeful foot, there is nothing superfluous about this piece and it is a perfect amalgam of the old and the new. The pot was fired as to create a rich ash surface around the mouth, shoulder and belly with the foot being banded in ash as well and the underside of the piece has a nice purple toned surface that contrast in perfect harmony with the upper half of the tsubo. Having seen a number of pots by Masamune Satoru, his use of clay and fire creates a simple array of evocative surfaces and vessels that echo the past while having as much to say about a modern potters vision and voice of the 20th century.

Its Wednesday so here is a flashback to another time and place, Wall Of Voodoo, MEXICAN RADIO;

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