Friday, July 22, 2016


Last week I showed a square plate being made on a hump mold and thought to show one just recently slip trailed. This particular piece is larger than the one shown and I have attached lugs to the rear so that the tray can hang on the wall. After the form was pulled off the mold and fine tuned I first coat the surface with black slip and after about an hour I go back in and slip trail the design, in this case a pair of fish. As I have probably mentioned I came by the slip trailing kind of naturally working with Bill Klock way back when as he was influenced by Bernard Leach whom he studied with and by Michael Cardew who he took every opportunity to visit while at the Leach pottery. I have tried to impart a casual look to my slip trailing and this is aided by the simple fact that you only have one shot at the decorating part of the process, if you screw up, it shows, its just a done deal.
Moving in to the weekend, here is a novel cover of one of my favorite tunes of the 1990s;

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