Monday, August 8, 2016


I was recently asked why I make these video slideshows of pots and the answer was quite simple, I wish there had been such a thing around when I first started out. From my perspective, the slideshows try to capture the presence, volume and attiude of a pot while allowing details and angled shots to tell a more complete portrait in the getting to know you narrative. Before the internet, I had to go and look at every pot that I could, every museum and exhibition, ordering books from Japan and learning to read kanji to help decypher the books as best I could. In reality, I take the photos for myself and the act of putting together a slideshow video only takes a few minutes so the question is, why wouldn't I?

I put together this short video slideshow of a piece that recently came my way, a Shigaraki mizusashi by way of Mashiko by Takahashi Makoto, Hamada Shoji deshi. I hope this gives a fuller account of the piece and fills in any blanks from the previous photos, enjoy!

(BTW if you are now thinking about the GETTING TO KNOW YOU song, better to go with James Taylor than Rogers and Hammerstein version, just my thought.)

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