Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Basically, yakishime refers to a stoneware pottery that is wood fired without any glaze applied, think, Bizen, Iga, Shigaraki, Tokoname, Echizen and Tamba with a number of independent potters thrown into the mix. This wood fired chawan is just such a piece, made by yakishime specialist Konno haruo and though it has a certain Bizen flare to it, it is classified as yakishime by the potter himself. The surface of this richly faceted and formed chawan is entirely natural running the gamut from fire induced reds and purples on the rear to a semi-dy ash and a lot of wet ash about the rest of the surface. At first glance it appears if you turn the bowl upside down the liquid within will just run out but it has turned to glass through the ferocity and intensity of the firing all of which conspired with the clay and potter to create this unique look.

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