Monday, December 26, 2016


Accommodate: the transitive verb; to make fit, suitable or congruous; to bring in to agreement or concord; to give consideration to
As I push through more slides, negatives and photos and convert them in to digital images, I come across pictures that I just completely forgot about. This blue pot is one such image dating back to about 1995 (?) or so from a show of Colin Pearson pots that we saw in Chicago. Like a Pearson piece from a previous post, this pot is in fact a fully functional teapot though a careful and studied use is suggested as its use is not necessarily 100% straight forward. I love the way that Pearson added appendages and handles to his pitchers, jugs and teapots suggesting their function while challenging the viewer and user to accommodate themselves to a slightly provocative manner of engagement. This technique proved to be both visual and intellectually stimulating and it is what makes many of Colin Pearson's later works among the highest level of the potter's art of the Twentieth Century.

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