Monday, December 19, 2016


Illustrated is a large thrown black and white slipware plate with a trio of slipware pots decorating the surface. All three of the slip pots are pieces that I actually make though it was far easier to slip them on to the surface of the plate than to make them in three dimensions. The plate was about 24" across and thrown out of my terra cotta on to which the black and white slips were applied and then a clear glaze once bisque. I like making slipware as I have mentioned before, there is no real room for hesitation, it is direct and creates a vivid and dimensional decoration. The real bonus of the slipware pots is that once decorated, they just need to dry, bisque and get glazed, a bit easier than some of the processes needed to get other pots completed and in this particular case I get three pots and a plate finished all at the same time.

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