Monday, February 29, 2016


Ewer; a form of pitcher or jug that is shaped like a vase and is or was used for holding a liquid.
I am rather guilty of moving forward with "glazes in phases" and sometimes forgetting to use older glazes and glaze combos that are tried and true. I guess I get caught up in the zeitgeist of testing and proving phases and like to work out ideas, styles and decorations without being more inclusive of what I did just a short while ago. In one of my last firings I went back to my time tested basic green which I refer to as medieval green; though developed in my ongoing quest for Oribe style glazes, it has more of a medieval feel to it, like early lead glazes of England. In this case I made a ewer form and decorating with black and white slips using a wax resist design which compliments the base of the form and immediate interior of the mouth. I pulled the handle ovoid in cross section and went for a graceful and almost fragile appearance that echoes the curve of the neck. I have used hundreds (thousands?) of glazes over my years making pottery and need to be mindful that the next thing is not always the only thing when working out any variety of ideas.
A very dear, departed friend of mine who was interested in both Japanese art and culture used to quip; " a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step but it best to remember each and every one of those steps if you ever want to go back".