Friday, March 25, 2016


Perhaps just on the large size this classic Shigaraki guinomi is by the veteran potter; Tani Seiuemon. simple in execution the tapering form fits the hand well and best yet, it has a gracious interior to fill. The face of the guinomi is blanketed in an even coat of glass which tapers off and gives way to rich hi-iro across the rear with a thin coat of ash around the mouth at the rear asking the user to take a closer look at the interior. Tani-san, best known for his simple wan-gata chawan and numerous uzuku-maru forms was a traditional potter and was even conservative in his approach to making and firing but his pots possess a comforting and welcoming atmosphere the calls out. Not every potter is driven to change or challenge a tradition but how many can make pots day in and day out over a lifetime that bring a bit of happiness and joy in the using?