Friday, June 3, 2016


Illustrated is a Four-Vu jpeg of a phenomenally well fired Mino-Iga vase by Mizuno Takuzo. The sheer variation in surface textures and coloration makes this a really neat piece whether in use or just an object to contemplate and study. Mizuno Takuzo is well known for his skill at various Shino glazes as well as Ki-Seto, Seto-Guro and Haiyu but he has also crafted a large body of work dedicated to the tradition of Mino-Iga. Though historically Mino-Iga seems to be mostly relegated to hanaire and mizusashi, Mizuno creates a wide array of forms from guinomi/tokkuri to chawan and other chadogu. In terms of modern Japanese pottery, Mizuno is a classic renaissance potter dedicated to producing quality pots indigenous to Gifu Prefecture and despite being a Toki Intangible Living Treasure for his skillfully created Seto-Guro pots it is with his haiyu and Mino-Iga pieces that he adds a new and distinctive page to the book on Mino-yaki.

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