Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I put up a post recently showing a teabowl form that was influenced by a Paleo-Indian axe head and mentioned that I also make serving bowls with lug handles spanning the indentation. Illustrated is an iron glazed bowl with a rain pattern added above and below the indent with small, serviceable lug handles added to give the pot a bit more dimension. At about 11" across this was made as a do all sort of serving bowl and the lugs add a bit of grip if oven mitts are used so the bowl makes it safely to the table. I am sure I have mentioned this a time or two previously but I am always interested in seeing the array of forms and pieces that can come of a simple idea. To date this ancient device has made its way across a large number of my bowls, covered serving pieces, mugs, cups, covered jars and vases so it may be safe to say it has proven to be adaptable across various clays, glazes and temperatures. I can only muse that it would have been wonderful to come up with this particular design in the first place but as I good friend was quick to remind me, had I come up with this idea originally, I would have been dead for a very long time.