Friday, October 28, 2016


My first look at this wonderful little chaire was without the ivory lid which is synonomous with this form and I was immediately struck that it looked just like its much larger counterpart, the ubiquitous tsubo. I have seen quite a few tsubo of all sizes by Osako Mikio and though diminutive in scale this form fits well in to his body of jar forms despite this one being a chaire, but afterall, isn't a chaire just a jar (ko-tsubo) for powdered matcha? Forms that transcend size fascinate me and this little gem is only one of a handful of chaire I have seen by this potter and it has every characteristic of Osako's work that one would expect from wood fired effects of ash and color variations to the rolled lip terminating the form and a bright ash green accent about the mouth and shoulder running down the pot. The way in which the piece was thrown would seem contrary to this particular form but Osako Mikio manges the clay in a rather casual and natural manner as he is well known to do and his experience brings this Tokoname chaire to life. Though small in scale there is a lot to consider and enjoy from this miniature tsubo all decked out and ready for the tea ceremony.