Monday, January 2, 2017


A short while ago my wife went ahead and bought a pot for herself, she fell in love with the piece despite the less than flattering photos which was certainly offset by the very appealing price. I partially mention this as it is rather rare that she initiates a purchase and because when it arrived, though poorly packed but safe and sound, it was a much better and enhanced version of itself. We were rather shocked at just how much better the piece was in person, it was literally night and day and I wonder if it had been photographed better if we would have gotten it at all. I built a short video slideshow of the platinum and gold overglaze painted Rimpa futamono (covered piece) made by Yasuda Michio (b.1949), student of Banura Shiro, Rimpa and Ido chawan specialist. I hope this conveys the atmosphere as well as the aesthetics of this piece, enjoy.

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