Friday, January 13, 2017


I put this short video slideshow together to try to capture the presence, attitude and intention of this Shigaraki chawan by master potter, Otani Shiro. Though clearly a very visually pleasing chawan, from my perspective this chawan is all about purpose, the function it was created for, tea. The bowl fits well in the hand, the mouth is smooth and unincumbered by debris, the pool is smooth and wisk friendly and the weight of the piece is just about perfect. The manner in which the bowl was thrown and ever so slightly manipulated to create the soft, rolling lip, curved exterior and the smooth ash covered interior calls to the viewer, an invitation to use. I am not trying to paint this bowl as the perfect chawan, rather it was created using adegree of resolve, broad knowledge of the chanoyu and the utility of an everyday pot; it was crafted with experienced direction and in doing so a rather lyrical bowl was made.

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