Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I was lucky enough to handle and study this wonderful E-Shino chawan by Hayashi Shotaro back in 2012 at which time I took quite a few photos of the piece. As time went on and I was making slideshow videos of pieces I have handled, I made one for this Hayashi chawan and then somehow forgot about it but while cleaning up the computer recently I found this video and several others that I thought I would share from this group of lost and found videos. As for the chawan itself, it was quite large, very powerful and one of the finest I had seen as attested by the fact that it was part of an exhibition that the potter had back in 2011 (?). In my opinion it is one of those near perfect chawan that fits well in the hand and every detail is just right without a single element being out of sorts or asking for a slight correction. I hope the video coveys the chawan to its absolute best and wonder if you will agree with Hayashi's pick to include it in a major exhibition. Enjoy!

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