Monday, March 20, 2017


Illustrated is a long terra cotta tray with a hatched border and a pair of carved fish decorating the interior which I had used previously in its green ware state. As I mentioned this was influenced by the Pisces motif where the two fish appear opposite of each other and are oriented to fit the rectangular space while leaving enough carved negative space to articulate the design. The opposed fish design has been a staple for my pots from the very beginning not to mention it fits the area of a tray or plate rather well. This is not exactly rocket science but it can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to get a design that works well on a longer form to work out well while keeping the balance between positive and negative space in check. In the past I have rigged this trays so that they can hang with the aid of my trusty, rusty wire bending jig and they have been used by a number of caterers as well; the scallop cut edge makes them easier to grip with or without oven mitts and due to their size, they can accommodate a generous portion of what ever you have in mind.

I posted this tray as green ware back in December, you can find the post here;

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