Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A short while back, I made two covered jars each with two lids to possibly perform two specific or different functions and wrote a post about it entitled; PLANS CHANGE. The two pieces came out of the kiln this weekend and after photographing them I decided to build a short video slideshow to give a perspective of the pieces in the round or as close to it as possible, each also shown with their extra lid which allows them to act as koro or incense burners. I think that in the photos you can get a sense of the texture created by the rich glaze and slip and the varying effects of this incarnation of my Oribe glaze. With the pieces I went with a rather crisp, almost formal form down to the tapered foot with cut notches meant to echo the form of the body though in reverse. One close up in particular shows a rather wet, gravity defying roll of glaze that is highlighted by the light source and gives off a glint of the iridescence that copper glazes are capable of. Considering neither was planned and happened solely because I wedged up too much clay, I think I have found a new form to fill those tight spots between their bigger brethren.