Monday, January 30, 2017


I received this photo the other day showing another one of my pots, hard at work at home in Cleveland. This black and white slip jar was made quite some time ago and is flanked by tomatoes and pears while holding its mysterious contents. I have made a lot of jars, jar sets and canisters like this pot with simple white trailed decoration over the deep black slip that I use and in fact it seems like I may have made more slipware then anything else while living in Cleveland at a time when black and white seemed to be at a zenith of its popularity for decorating and accenting the home. The truth is my original foray into slipware was using the black and white slip with non-traditional decoration under amber, burgundy and a green glaze until I decided to make up the base recipe without any colorants and so this slipware began way back when. I suspect there is a lot of this slipware out and about in Cleveland as prior to moving away, I sold about 85% of my pots right out of the studio on Hillbrook in University Heights and at a few Ohio Galleries, including The American Craft Gallery and Gordon Beale & Frank Gallery both down on Larchmere Blvd. It is always rewarding to see old pots in use and hear from satisfied customers who continue to use my pottery day in and day out.