Friday, February 10, 2017


Over the years, I have been asked if it is possible to make pots that went with the decorating scheme in a house or apartment. In some cases I was asked if I could match the drapes or upholstery of a couch or chairs and in one odd moment, I was even asked if I could match a set of serving pieces to their dog! The answer to that specific request was that I could not, I would not match their dog. In the case of my "Its Still Life" pieces, I have painted in wallpaper, tables, curtains/drapes and dinnerware that matched with the customers environment and have even made dinnerware to match the dinnerware painted in the pieces, a set of cups from this set was posted on my blog some time back.
Recently, I was asked if I could make a pieces for some dinnerware that matched a surface that I was shown. At first I was rather intimidated as it is a surface that I have never even tried to create and was honestly at a loss as to how to start. I told the customers that I needed to think about it and then came up with a plan which included initial testing before the finished testing could begin. The first step seems to have gone off okay and now I have made up several additional tests which need to be fired. The test rings are triple glazed with the first layer dipped, the second layer brushed on and the third layer was sprayed on using my handy-dandy lung powered glaze sprayer (glaze atomizer). I am waiting to fire these rings in my next firing to get the best and most accurate result in a fully packed kiln, I guess I am back to playing the waiting game.