Wednesday, February 15, 2017


One of the things that I am not sure I have mentioned before is that I normally hold on to glaze tests that have seemingly failed and recycle them to test in combination with either new test glazes or ones that I am currently using. Such is the case for this small guinomi that I fired recently which was glazed in my most current incarnation of Oribe over which I used a thinned down version of a manganese dioxide/cobalt carbonate formula that when tested on its own came out a rather dark, oppressive and very dry  that was not overly attractive. About a month later I was back at making up a batch of test glazes and decided to try the MDCC glaze test over my current Oribe, temmoku, clear and saffron glazes to see what would happen and these are the results where it had some sucess. The surface has taken on a whole new look with areas of the Oribe green brightly highlighted between areas of droozy black tendrils and recessed areas creating dark pools. If you look closely at the foot you can see where the overglaze has run down the from and is just a micron or so away from running off the pot adding yet another dimension to this already versatile Oribe glaze. Though I am not overly fond of glazing, I love the Christmas effect when I make up and fire test glazes, each one different, unique and surprising making for a process I just never tire of.