Friday, March 17, 2017


Not being of Irish descent or at least not that I know of, I am not 100% sure how close this chawan comes to the emerald green of Ireland, but it will have to do for today. This rich Oribe chawan is by Yamada Kazu and has a variety of colors and tones throughout the glaze including a rather copper rich, hazy moon-pool to finish off the inside of the mikomi and areas of such intense green they only come to life under direct light appearing like mysterious emeralds punctuated about the surface. I handled and photographed this chawan some time ago but I remember that it felt cool and comfortable in the hand and changed appearances as the light played across the pot. The overall feel to the piece was somewhat contemporary but it is from a time long since past that Yamada sought his influences and infused his modern bowl with a sense of now and then. I am a huge fan of Oribe when the clay can be seen through the transparent or translucent surface and where each and every mark add to the narrative that is the Oribe tradition.
And for St. Patrick's day, one of The Pogues finest;