Monday, March 27, 2017


I was recently asked to make a set of whisky cups using the thick combed slip and my Oribe glaze and after a few design possibilities, this is what was decided upon. A simple, straight sided design with a strong pedestal style foot and thick slip combed in an alternating pattern that will hold a single ice cube and a good shot of what ever is prefered and here is the prototype. I am sure the influences of this form and several others I make are rather obvious but I am not sure what potter's would do with out these pioneers; the masters like Kawai Kanjiro, Hamada Shoji, Bernard Leach and others, not to mention the thousands of years of pottery history that predates us. Though the expression goes; "imitation is the sincerest from of flattery", I would like to think that I have added my own particular vision to such pieces and that though I could never match the original genesis, the style and tradition continues in my pots and those of countless others. It is amazing how much you can fill a small cup with not only liquid but content as well.