Monday, May 15, 2017


Though there are no flowers in this vase, its purpose is clear, this well fired pot was created to hang. Made by Hori Ichiro, this Ki-Seto kake-ire was boldly and  traditionally wood fired and has a wonderful landscape effected by the ash and flame of the kiln giving it a dramatic feudal presence. The rich variations in the surface together with the direct form, spatula work and wonky mouth all come together to create a great little piece that is both elemental and timeless. Through a masterful use of Ki-Seto, Seto-Guro and Shino a portrait of a potter in absolute harmony with his clay, glazes and kiln(s) is displayed together with a powerful command of Momoyama and modern elements fused together in the works of a Mino potter, Hori Ichiro.