Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The collector part of me has always weighed out the veracity of collecting multiple pieces by the same potter. There is part of me that is immensely engaged by a particular artist and thus interested in having a number of their pieces around to converse with. On the other hand is the mundane reality of “too many pots and never enough money”. This puts the pragmatic part of me into gear and I usually collect a few pieces at most by a single potter.

Recently, an internet friend of mine started on a roll and ended up with a half dozen chawan by a particular artist. In essence, they would seem to be the same thing, just six times over. Luckily I have been able to see numerous photos of each bowl and the actual reality is that each piece has something very unique to say. One may have a great lip, a great mikomi, kodai, glaze surface, overall posture, each has a different dialogue with the viewer. Though they are all fine teabowls, each has features that stand out, though in balance with the piece, admittedly, one is truly the whole package. I envy his ability to put the bowls in a row and drink in the presence, posture and bearing of the group.

In fact, the ability to put together a group of high level chawan is a wonderful opportunity to study a potters work along their own road to discovery. I suspect having the group is immensely satisfying and will provide a lifetime of interaction between potter, pot and collector. He is a lucky fellow!

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