Friday, August 6, 2010


At the beginning of each new cycle, I have a hand written list of everything I need to do for the eventual firing ( a tip borrowed from the Iron Chef). It serves as a road map, though the exact pieces I throw vary depending on mood and ideas. What inevitably happens to each plan is that life gets in the way. At the end of this first week, in theory, I prefer to have 70% or more of the pots thrown and tooled. This week like every other has its distraction.

First I needed to pack/ship and order, than a routine trip to the eye doctor, several errands, some house stuff that needed doing and lots of emails to catch up with and hours are gone from the precious schedule. I made up my slips first thing as well as some haiyu glaze. I then managed to throw a group of 16” wall bowls, porcelain and stoneware teabowls, soup bowls and bottles as filler, as tests and stuff I like to throw. I also throw a group of porcelain bowls which I black slipped and carved. There is the real time killer, carving. I spent better part of a day carving the bowls.

As Calvin would say; “the days are just packed!”.

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