Friday, August 13, 2010


I have managed to throw what I need for my next kiln firing. Everything is thrown, trimmed and slipped if needed. Even though I know there is enough to fill the kiln, since I am already planning out my next firing, to include larger pitchers, I am compelled to keep throwing. Once I get in the groove and things are going well, I just want to throw.

Way back, just out of CSU and in my first studio, I had a partner. This made things exactly as I wanted. Besides making my own pottery, I throw a variety of forms for her to paint on. That was heaven; I could make more pots than I could deal with and throw all day long. This didn’t last but a couple of years, but it was in some sense, an excellent arrangement. The conclusion, I really rather be throwing and a partnership was just not for me.

This current cycle, I have thrown a group of wall bowls, carved porcelain bowls, some bottle forms, a group of larger cap jars, soup bowls and various teabowls. There is about 20% too much for the firing, but, as usual, I just couldn’t stop. All but the teabowls and soup bowls were the reason behind the firing, so those pieces may have to wait. I will try to squeeze them into the firing, but I think it is already planned pretty tight and the pots are all still wet. Oh well, there is always the next firing.

(The chawn illustrated is a Shigaraki bowl by Otani Shiro. It has nothing to do with my post, but it is Friday and I love that green……….)

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