Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have completed preliminary “pod” testing on several glazes including variants of the vellum glaze and a soft Ko crackle glaze. I had every intention of being much further along with the testing by now and on to phase 2 which would entail glazing up small cups or yunomi in the test glazes and different ideas I have worked out for each.

So, I sat down today and threw a group of test cups off the hump. At least this way, I am somewhat committed to seeing this through. Step two will be to make up the three test glazes up in 500 gr. batches and wait on the cups to be bisqued.

I have been rather remiss to get further along with these glazes as several web orders, gallery orders, holiday sales and even house/studio issues have been taking up a lot of time. Spending time on testing is some what of a luxury and does have to take a back seat to selling pots. The reality of testing is it cost both time and money and though some results make their way to occasional use, most second and third stage tests just end up the way of the dodo……………….

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